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OPUS Columns

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Flexing our Patience Muscle
In a world filled with instant information, responses, and answers, I for one can tell you how spoiled I am in believing that everything in life is "instant." Whether it’s my personal or professional life, the inescapable truth I seem to face is expecting things to happen quickly and according to my plan. Even I know that’s an unrealistic expectation. It isn’t always easy, but I’ve found that when I do my best to exhibit patience in moments were I need something instantly, the end result is almost always better.  Read more...

TSKgel columns for high temperature GPC experiments:

TSKgel HT columns (up to 140ºC)

TSKgel HT2 columns (up to 220ºC)

Check out the superior performance stability of the TSKgel Hhr HT columns.

Hone your HPLC analysis skills at the 2014 HPLC Seminars this spring, featuring a full day of informative talks. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today at these events in:


·  Cambridge, MA

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OPUS Pre-packed columns from Repligen:

Standard and custom pre-packed, disposable chromatography columns for methods development, scale-up, and manufactuing operations.  Get the details......

More mAb, less cost:

TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein A HC-650F has dynamic binding capacities of greater than 65 g/L at residence times of 5 minutes.

Download our recent poster presented at Spring ACS and BDP week for comparative performance data.

Join us this spring:

Process Media Workshops

Sign up to receive a 2014 Process Media Product Guide.

Request the 2014 Product Guide for our Process Development Tools.

Turn up the heat on your polymer analysis: introducing the EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System.

All the advantages of our EcoSEC GPC System at elevated temperature.

Register for our GPC Training Course: 3 locations to choose from!

 these 2014 Product Guides today:


Special Pricing for Academic Accounts on the EcoSEC GPC System: get the details...

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