HPLC Columns

TSKgel Alpha-4000

The TSKgel Alpha-4000 column is packed with rigid, porous, polymer beads which show minimal shrinkage or swelling in polar organic solvents (methanol, acetonitrile, DMSO, isopropanol, THF, and HFIP).  This column is stable in a wide variety of organic solvents at concentrations up to 100%.

The main application area for the TSKgel Alpha-4000 column is the analyses of polymers that are soluble in polar organic solvents up to 1 x 106 Da. Examples include cellulose derivatives, polyimide, and sodium dodecylsulfate (all in 10 mmol/L LiBr in DMF), cleansing gel in methanol, and degree of saponification of polyvinylalcohol in hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP).


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0018341TSKgel Alpha-400010Stainless Steel7.8302,074

Product Attributes

Matrix: hydrophilic methacrylate
Particle size (mean): 10 µm
Pore size (mean): 45 nm
Exclusion limits
    PEO in H2O: 4 × 105
    PS in DMF with
    10 mmol/L LiBr:
1 × 106
    PEG in MeOH with
    10 mmol/L LiBr:
3 × 106




Polyethylene Oxide, Polyethylene Glycol, and Polystyrene Calibration Curves


Columns: TSKgel Alpha columns,
7.8 mm ID × 30 cm
Mobile phase: A. H2O
B. MeOH with 10 mmol/L LiBr
C. DMF with 10 mmol/L LiBr
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: RI
Temperature: A. 25°C  B. 25°C  C. 40°C
Samples: A, B. polyethylene glycol (PEG) and
polyethylene oxide (PEO) standards
C. polystyrene (PS) standards


Separation of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate



Columns: (1) TSKgel Alpha-4000, 10 µm,
7.8 mmID × 30 cm
(2) TSKgel Alpha-3000, 7 µm, 
7.8 mmID × 30 cm
(3) TSKgel Alpha-2500, 7 µm, 
7.8 mmID × 30 cm
in series
Mobile phase: 50 mmol/L lithium bromide in DMF
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: Rl
Sample: 200 µL of 1.7% sodium dodecyl sulfate

For additional applications, please see our applications database.

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P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0018345TSKgel Alpha-2500-Alpha-M Guard Column for 7.8 mm ID columns13Stainless Steel64789