EcoSEC® HT GPC System


Demanding high temperature polymer analyses, such as for polyolefins, require a system that delivers results reliably, reproducibly, and produces these results in an easy to use, safe instrument. The EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System incorporates the proven design and technology used in our ambient EcoSEC Elite® GPC System.

The dual pump system, dual flow RI detector, spacious column oven, total system temperature control, autosampler, sample prep station, safety features, and all-in-one design controlled by intuitive software combine to deliver exceptional performance.

The EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System features:

  • Reliability
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability
  • Safety
  • All-in-one design
  • Ease of use

What is unique about the EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System?


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Solvent Reservoir
Control Panel
Temperature Controlled Pumps
Column Oven
RI Detector
Purge Unit and Degasser
EcoSEC® HT Workstation Software
Column Switching Valve Option
Sample Prep System Option


Tosoh Bioscience can tailor a system to meet your application needs.

Does your analysis require additional detectors beyond RI?
The EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System provides easy, effortless and temperature controlled connectivity when using multi-detector configurations. We offer external light scattering and viscometry detectors, as well as coupling options for FT-IR analysis.

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Flow rate 0.1 to 2.0 mL/min in 0.1 mL/min steps
Accuracy ± 2%
Precision ± 0.2%
Max. pressure 15 MPa


Injection volume 10 to 500 µL (dependent on sample loop size)
Number of samples 24

Column Oven

Temperature range 40 °C to 220 °C
Capacity 7.8 mm ID × 30 cm × 8 columns

RI Detector

Type Bryce (dual flow type),Tungsten light source.
Cell volume 10µL
1.5 × 10-8RIU (ODCB: 1.0 mL/min, 145°C, response: 3 s)
Drift 3 × 10-7RIU/h (ODCB: 1.0 mL/min, 145 °C)


Dimensions 1,000 (W) × 500 (D) × 650 (H) mm

The EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System Workstation Software offers unparalleled versatility and includes these features:

  • GPC-specific EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System software to simplify system control and data handling
  • Controls up to 2 EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC Systems
  • Excellent data handling and report generation
  • Fully featured data handling system; analyze data from two detectors
  • Start and stop system automatically
  • One license for multiple locations

Software features include:

  1. Flow Diagram
  2. Method Templates
  3. Peak Editing
  4. Data Management
  5. Multiprocessing Function
  6. GPC Specific Quantitative Calculations
  7. Report Generation

TSKgel® polystyrene bulk calibration standards are used to calibrate GPC columns for subsequent analysis of unknown samples.  The standards range from 400 to 2.1 × 107 Da.


TSKgel® H series GPC columns are recommended for the analysis of organic-soluble polymers and are packed with spherical particles composed of polystyrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene (PS-DVB).  The TSKgel® HT columns are for high temperature applications (≤ 140 °C) while the TSKgel® HT2 columns are used in ultra-high temperature (up to 220 °C) applications.

The figure below demonstrates the performance stability of the TSKgel® GMHHR-H HT columns compared to other commercially available high temperature GPC columns during repetitive temperature changes. The TSKgel® HHR HT columns and two commercially available high temperature GPC columns were subjected to drastic changes in temperature by raising the temperature for 2 hours followed by lowering the temperature for two hours for a total of 60 cycles. The number of theoretical plates was shown to remain constant for the TSKgel® HHR HT columns and to decrease by 15% for the two commercially available high temperature GPC columns; thus revealing the superior performance stability of the TSKgel® HHR HT columns. 



Mobile phase:
Flow rate:

TSKgel® GMHHR-H HT2, 5 µm,
7.8 mm ID × 30 cm × 2
ODCB with 0.05% BHT
1.0 mL/min
RI (EcoSEC® High Temperature
GPC System)
40 to 145 °C