Products for Virus Particle Analysis

Tosoh Bioscience offers a variety of workflow solutions to support your product development in the fight against COVID-19 and all of your viral analysis needs.

Analytical Characterization Solutions
Column / Mode
Application Read about it here
G5000PWXL / SEC Measurement of oligomerization of SARS-CoV-2 S-RBD, S1, and S proteins
G5000PWXL / SEC Rapid method for direct quantification and characterization of virus-like particles
Butyl-NPR™ / HIC RNA quantification for release testing of plasmid DNA vaccine product
SP-NPR / Cation Exchange Analytical method for quantitation of recombinant AAV vectors
G6000PWXL / SEC Size distribution of virus samples as a complimentary method for virus analysis

Purification Solutions
Media / Mode
Application Read about it here
Butyl-650M / HIC Purification of VLPs with an average diameter of 20 nm, similar to that of the wild-type AAV2 capsid
Phenyl-600M / HIC Rapid method for direct quantification and characterization of virus-like particles
SuperQ-650M / CM-650 /
Ion Exchange
Vaccine purification
SP-650M / Cation Exchange
HW-65S / SEC
Vaccine purification

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Analytical Characterization Solutions
TSKgel HPLC Column / Mode Application
G5000PWXL  and G6000PWXL / SEC Attenuated virus candidates 
DNA-NPR and DNA-STAT / Anion Exchange DNA/Plasmid based therapies and vaccines 

Purification Solutions
Media/ Mode Application
TSKgel SuperQ-5PW (20) and (30) /
Anion Exchange
siRNA-based vaccines  
TOYOPEARL HIC Resins Therapeutic antibodies/Plasmid-based vaccines 
Ca++Pure-HA / Hydroxyapatite Vaccine candidates 
TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q-650 and GigaCap S-650 / Ion Exchange
Attenuated virus candidates