Process Media


TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M resin is a strong anion exchanger for biomolecule purification. This resin is composed of a base material of hydroxylated methacrylic polymer beads that have been functionalized with quaternary amine (Q) strong anion exchange groups.  This resin has a 100 nm pore size and a 65 µm bead size.

 TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M resin is best used for high throughput intermediate purification and polishing process steps. If greater resolution is needed, the smaller particle size TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650S or TSKgel SuperQ-5PW resins may be used. As both the TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650 and TSKgel SuperQ-5PW resins use the same ligand and backbone chemistry, the selectivity will be unchanged between the two resin types.


P/NDescriptionResin VolumeParticle Size (µm)   Price
0043205TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M100 mL65  323
0017227TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M250 mL65  734
0017228TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M1 L65  -
0017229TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M5 L65  -
0021311TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M50 L65  -


Product Attributes

Base bead: HW-65
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 65 µm
Ligand type: strong anion
Ligand pKa: 12.2
DBC: 105 - 155 g/L
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 2-13
Stability data: 10 years





Dynamic Binding Capacity Comparision of AIEX Resins for BSA @ 100 cm/hr


Resins: binding capacity
(10% breakthrough)
81.3 g/L
128.8 g/L

Benzyl Alcohol Removal


A 2% solution of benzyl alcohol in water has been identified as a suitable alternative to 20% ethanol as a preservative in resin storage solutions. A sample of TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M resin was prepared by adding 100 mL of aqueous 2% benzyl alcohol to 100 mL of suction filtered resin. A 100 mL aliquot of DI water was added to the filtered resin and stirred to make a slurry. This resin/ DI water slurry was allowed to stand for 5 minutes and was then suction filtered to remove the supernatant. This procedure was repeated 14 more times, for a total of 15 washes.

Samples of the filtered supernatant from the TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M resin was taken after the 5th, 10th, and 15th washes and analyzed for benzyl alcohol concentration. As demonstrated in the figure, a 2% benzyl alcohol solution can be removed from the TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M resin by thorough washing with DI water.


Scale Up or Down using the Same Ligand


Resins: A. TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650C, 100 µm
B. TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M, 65 µm
C. TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650S, 35 µm
D. TSKgel SuperQ-5PW (30), 30 µm
E. TSKgel SuperQ-5PW (20), 20 µm
F. TSKgel SuperQ-5PW, 10 µm
Column size: 7.5 mm ID × 7.5 cm
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 0.02 mol/L Tris-HCl, pH 8.5
Buffer B: 0.5 mol/L NaCl in buffer A
Gradient: 60 min linear gradient from buffer A to buffer B
Flow rate: 136 cm/hr (1.0 mL/min)
Detection: UV @ 280 nm
Sample: mAb in mouse ascites (dilution, × 5)
Load volume: 100 µL 

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P/NDescriptionPrice ($) 
0045109MiniChrom TOYOPEARL SuperQ-650M-
0021392ToyoScreen IEC Anion Mix Pack, 1 mL (qty. 5)-
0021393ToyoScreen IEC Anion Mix Pack, 5 mL (qty. 5)-
0021396ToyoScreen IEC Mix Pack, 1 mL (qty. 5)-
0021397ToyoScreen IEC Mix Pack, 5 mL (qty. 5)-
0021362ToyoScreen SuperQ-650M, 1 mL (qty. 6)-
0021363ToyoScreen SuperQ-650M, 5 mL (qty. 6)-