HPLC Columns


TSKgel DEAE-5PW columns are packed with porous hydrophilic polymer beads which are surface modified with a weak anion exchange group. These columns are used for the separation and analysis of proteins, along with nucleotides, nucleosides, and other biomolecules.

TSKgel DEAE-5PW columns are available in internal diameters varying from 2 mm to 21.5 mm and in column housings of either glass or stainless steel.    


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0018757TSKgel DEAE-5PW10Stainless Steel27.51,419
0007164TSKgel DEAE-5PW10Stainless Steel7.57.51,886
0007574TSKgel DEAE-5PW13Stainless Steel21.5156,544

Product Attributes

Matrix: polymethacrylate
Particle size (mean): 10 µm, 13 µm, and 20 µm 
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Functional group: CH2CH2N+(C2H5)3
Counter ion: Cl-
pH stability: 2.0 - 12.0
Capacity (mg BSA/mL): 30
Small ion capacity: 0.1 eq/L
pKa: 11.5






Analysis of High MM RNA



Columns: TSKgel DEAE-5PW, 10 µm,
6 mm ID × 15 cm (custom)
Mobile phase: 300 min linear gradient from 0.3 mol/L to 1.0 mol/L NaCl in 0.1 mol/L Tris-HCl, pH 7.6
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: UV @ 260 nm
Sample: total E. coli RNA


Detection of HIV-1 PCR-Amplified 130 bp Target




Column: TSKgel DEAE-5PW, 10 µm,
7.5 mm ID × 7.5 cm

Mobile phase: A: 25 mmol/L Tris-HCl, 1 mmol/L EDTA, pH 8.0
B: 25 mmol/L Tris-HCl, 1 mmol/L EDTA, pH 8.0, with 1 mol/L NaCl
Gradient: 25-60% B in 30 minutes
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: UV @ 260 nm
Temperature: 25 °C
Sample: pBR322 plasmid
Sample load: 2.5 mg in 1 mL

Separation of Monoclonal Antibody



Column: TSKgel DEAE-5PW, 10 µm,
7.5 mm ID x 7.5 cm

Mobile phase: A: 20 mmol/L Tris-HCl, pH 8.5
B: A + 0.5 mol/L NaCl
A to B linear gradient (60 min)
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: UV @ 280 nm
Temperature: 25 °C
Sample: anti-human albumin (IgG1), diluted solution of mouse ascites (168 µg in 40 µL)


For additional applications, please see our applications database.


Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
AO02 Purification of Nucleic Acids Application Overview
DS1030 TSKgel DEAE-5PW ProductsOperating Conditions and Specifications
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P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0019308TSKgel Guard Cartridge Holder for 2 mm ID cartridges0 21506
0042152TSKgel DEAE-5PW Guard Cartridge for 2 mm ID column, 3 pk10Stainless Steel210
0016092TSKgel DEAE-5PW Guardgel Kit for 21.5 mm ID column20Stainless Steel 01350
0007210TSKgel DEAE-5PW Guardgel Kit for 7.5 mm ID column20Stainless Steel 0878