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TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass

TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass is the glass format of the TSKgel Phenyl-5PW column for samples that may adsorb to stainless steel. This column is based on a 100 nm pore size polymethacrylate base material bonded with phenyl groups. The TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass column is stable in either acid or caustic cleaning regimens and provides excellent access to larger molecules with low diffusion coefficients.

Being the most hydrophobic among the three TSKgel HIC columns, TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass is an excellent choice to screen for the selectivity, retention and recovery of most biomolecules. 


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0013063TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass10Glass551,489
0008804TSKgel Phenyl-5PW Glass10Glass87.51,918

Product Attributes

Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size: 10 µm
pH stability: 2.0 - 12.0
Functional group: phenyl




Purification of Myristoylated Frequenin




Column: TSKgel Phenyl-5PW, 10 μm,
5 mm ID × 5 cm, glass

Mobile phase: equilibration in 50 mmol/L HEPES,
100 mmol/L KCI, 1 mmol/L DTT,
1 mmol/L MgCl2, 1 mmol/L CaCl2,
pH 7.5 step gradient at 12.5 min to
50 mmol/L HEPES, 1 mmol/L DTT,
1 mmol/L MgCl2, 2 mmol/L EGTA,
pH 7.5
Flow rate: 1 mL/min
Detection: UV @ 280 nm
Temperature: ambient
Sample: E. coli lysate containing myristoylated frequenin, 100 μL

For additional applications, please see our applications database.

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