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TSKgel Tresyl-5PW

TSKgel Tresyl-5PW is based on a 100 nm pore size polymethacrylate base material derivatized  with a 2,2,2-trifluroethanesulfonyl ligand. Unlike other TSKgel affinity columns, the TSKgel Tresyl-5PW columns require activation with a user-selected ligand containing amino, thiol, phenol, or imidazole groups. The resulting structure is literally a custom affinity ligand with excellent pH stability and minimal ligand loss due to leaching. TSKgel Tresyl-5PW readily reacts with amino or thiol groups to form stable covalent alkylamines or thioethers.


P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0014455TSKgel Tresyl-5PW10Stainless Steel641,813
0014456TSKgel Tresyl-5PW10Stainless Steel7.57.52,021

Product Attributes

Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Exclusion limit
(base resin, estimate):
<1.0 × 107Da globular proteins
Ligand concentration: ca. 20 µmol/L resin
Adsorption capacity: >60 mg/g dry resin (coupling capacity with soybean trypsin inhibitor)
Particle size: 10 µm
pH stability: 2.0 - 12.0
Functional group: tresyl




Purification of Peroxidase





Column: TSKgel Tresyl-5PW, 10 µm,
6 mm ID × 4 cm, modified with concanavalin A
Binding: 0.05 mol/L acetate buffer, pH 5.0 containing 0.5 mol/L NaCl, and 1 mmol/L each of CaCl2, MnCl2, and MgCl2
Mobile phase: step gradient at 4 min (see arrow on diagram) to 25 mmol/L α-methyl-D-glucoside in binding buffer
Flow rate: 1.0 mL/min
Detection: UV @ 403 nm
Sample: crude peroxidase, 0.5 mg
Washing step: wash TSKgel Tresyl-5PW, 6 mm ID ×
4 cm, with dissolved H2O
Ligand solution: Dissolve 40 mg of concanavalin A in 10 mL of 0.1 mol/L NaHCO3 , pH 8.0, containing 0.5 mol/L NaCl
Coupling step: recycle the ligand solution overnight through the column at 0.2 mL/min at
25 °C
Blocking step: block the residual tresyl groups with 0.1 mol/L Tris-HCl, pH 8.0, at 1.0 mL/min for 1 hr at 25 °C

For additional applications, please see our applications database.

Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
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SR074 Separation of Monoclonal Antibodies Using TSKgel HPLC ColumnsSeparation Report
P/NDescriptionParticle Size Housing MaterialID (mm)Length (cm)Price ($) 
0016208TSKgel Tresyl-5PW Guardgel10Stainless Steel 0665