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TOYOPEARL CM-650S resin is a weak cation exchanger for biomolecule purification. The resin is composed of a base material of hydroxylated methacrylic polymer beads that have been functionalized with carboxymethyl (CM) weak cation exchange groups.  TOYOPEARL CM-650S has a high degree of chemical and mechanical stability, allowing cleaning-in-place (CIP) and high flow rates.

TOYOPEARL CM-650S has a 100 nm pore size and a 35 µm bead size and can be used for high resolution intermediate purification, and polishing process steps. If lower resolution is needed, the larger particle TOYOPEARL CM-650M or TOYOPEARL CM-650C resins may be used.

TOYOPEARL CM-650S has a dynamic binding capacity for lysozyme of 40 g/L. TOYOPEARL CM-650S maintains capacity at increased linear velocities, has good pressure-flow characteristics, and will withstand back pressures up to 0.3 MPa.  


P/NDescriptionResin VolumeParticle Size (µm)   Price
0019803TOYOPEARL CM-650S25 mL35  220
0007474TOYOPEARL CM-650S250 mL35  1,574
0014695TOYOPEARL CM-650S1 L35  -
0007971TOYOPEARL CM-650S5 L35  -


Product Attributes

Base bead: HW-65
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 35 µm
Ligand type: weak cation
Ligand pKa: 3.6
DBC: 30 - 50 g/L
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 2-13





Antibody Purification

Separation of monoclonal antibody cell culture supernatant


Column size: 16 mm ID × 6 cm
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 20 mmol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.5
Buffer B: 20 mmol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.5 + 0.5 mol/L NaCl
Gradient: linear gradient from buffer A to buffer B in 200 mL total volume
Flow rate: 173 cm/hr (5.8 mL/min)
Detection: UV @ 280 nm
Temperature: ambient
Sample: 100 mL of monoclonal antibody cell culture supernatant

Klapper, D.; Osgood, S; Esch, R.; Olson, J. Use of new HPLC resins to solve old problems. J. of Liquid Chromatography. 1986, 9, (8), 1613-1633. 

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