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TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650 is a reactive resin that requires activation for ligand attachment. Ligands may be coupled to the resin under mild conditions exclusively using primary amines. The ligand is bound to the resin by a stable secondary amine linkage. A wide variety of industrial enzymes have been immobilized on aldehyde-bearing supports. Consistent aldehyde content and physical properties are ensured from batch to batch.


P/NDescriptionResin VolumeParticle Size (µm)   Price
0043413TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650M10 mL65  145
0008004TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650M25 mL65  289
0008040TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650M100 mL65  830
0017396TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650M1 L65  -
0017397TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650M5 L65  -


Product Attributes

Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 65 µm
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 6-9
Stability data: 10 years




Purification of GH Receptor Protein


Resin: GH-Formyl TOYOPEARL
Column size: 4.6 mm ID × 15 cm in series with TSKgel 3000SW, 7.6 mm ID × 60cm
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 50 mmol/L Tris-HCl, 20 mmol/L NaCl, 10 mmol/L MgCl2, 0.3 mmol/L phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride GH receptor protein, 0.1% Triton™ X-100, pH 7.4
Buffer B: buffer A + 6 mol/L urea
Gradient:  Isocratic elution 100% buffer B 
Flow rate: 36 cm/hr for 60 min, then 220 cm/hr
Detection: UV @ 280 nm, specific binding assay
Sample: 16 mg growth hormone (GH) receptor protein in 6 mL Triton X-100

For additional applications, please see our applications database.


Coupling procedure



Representative coupling densities

Protein coupled g/L resin
soybean trypsin inhibitor 3.5
ovalbumin 2.5
bovine serum albumin 14
human IgG 15
cytochrome 5.8
lysozyme 20

coupling agent: NaCNBH3
optimal pH: 6.9 - 9.0

Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
IM02 Instruction Manual for TOYOPEARL and TSKgel PW-type ResinsInstruction Manual
IM10 Instruction Manual -- TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650MInstruction Manual
PCAT04 TOYOPEARL, TSKgel and Ca⁺⁺Pure-HA Bulk Resin 2019 Product Guide -- AffinityProduct Catalog
RIS0005 TOYOPEARL AF-Formyl-650MResin Information Sheet
P/NDescriptionPrice ($)