Tosoh Bioscience Expands Line of HILIC Columns

Montgomeryville, PA  -  Tosoh Bioscience LLC announced today an addition to its highly regarded line of TSKgel Amide-80 hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) columns. The new amino-based TSKgel NH2-100 columns expand the selectivity range of HILIC solutions while offering high chemical stability, the prerequisite for reproducible and reliable results. The columns are now available for sale to the Americas from Tosoh Bioscience.

The TSKgel NH2-100 columns are packed with 3 micron silica particles with 100 angstrom pores. The distinguishing feature of these columns is that they are endcapped with trimethyl silane groups. Amino groups are introduced step-wise after an initial endcapping reaction, which results in a better safeguard against hydrolysis of the underlying silica.

HILIC is the preferred method for the separation of polar compounds. While TSKgel Amide-80 columns have become the industry standard for the separation of glycans by HILIC or HILIC-MS, the new TSKgel NH2-100 columns are well suited for the analysis of all types of hydrophilic compounds like carbohydrates and peptides. Due to a high ligand density and large surface area, these columns show high retention for very polar compounds.

“The TSKgel NH2-100 columns enhance our existing line of HILIC columns as they offer alternative selectivity and superior retention for highly polar compounds. They are the column of choice for carbohydrate analysis,” according to Cara Tomasek, marketing manager for the laboratory products group at Tosoh Bioscience.


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