Tosoh Bioscience offers a State of the Art HPLC Instrument: the EcoSEC GPC System

Montgomeryville, PA  -  The EcoSEC GPC system is an innovative all-in-one instrument that results in unparalleled reproducibility due to advanced flow and temperature control. Temperature controlled, dual pumps coupled with a separate column oven work together to produce a stable RI baseline that is unaffected even by subtle changes in room temperature. Employing low dead volume engineering, the EcoSEC GPC system is able to run 4.6 mm ID × 15 cm columns. These semi-micro columns use 1/6 the solvent volume compared to conventional GPC columns and result in run times that are twice as fast. This means faster results with less solvent. You save money and increase your throughput with EcoSEC GPC system. Tosoh also introduced new TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ-type GPC columns that employ novel particles with a broad distribution of pore sizes that result in superior linearity. Use our PStQuick calibration standards to calibrate your GPC columns and minimize preparation errors. Simply add solvent, mix and inject into the GPC system. See what 30 years of GPC experience can produce!


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