Tosoh Bioscience Announces New Size Exclusion Chromatography Columns
and an Addition to the HILIC Column Line

King of Prussia, PA  -  Tosoh Bioscience LLC announced today several new high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns for the high speed and high resolution analysis of water-soluble polymers, as well as a column designed for the simultaneous separation of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and its counterions. These columns are now available for sale in the Americas from Tosoh Bioscience.

TSKgel SuperMultiporePW gel filtration chromatography (GFC) columns incorporate the multi-pore particle synthesis technology developed by Tosoh scientists in which monodisperse particles exhibit a broad range of pore sizes. Each particle, by design, has an extended linear calibration curve, thereby greatly diminishing the appearance of chromatograms with inflection points. This allows better reproducibility when determining molecular mass and molecular mass distribution of polymers. Three semi-micro (6.0 mm ID × 15 cm) columns are available within the TSKgel SuperMultiporePW series containing 4, 5 or 8 µm particles. This enables high speed separation with high resolution for aqueous polymers and low solvent consumption compared to the conventional larger particle size SEC columns. In addition, a wide separation range can be analyzed with the three different columns, from high molecular mass aqueous polymers to oligomers.

For the determination of molecular mass of aqueous oligomers, particularly oligosaccharides, and low molecular weight aqueous polymers, a TSKgel SuperOligoPW GFC column is now available. This is a semi-micro column (6.0 mm ID × 15 cm) packed with spherical monodisperse polymethacrylate 3 µm particles. The combination of the decreased particle size and small dimensions of the TSKgel SuperOligoPW column enables high speed separation with high resolution - half of the separation time with the same resolution compared to conventional size exclusion columns. An added benefit of the semi-micro and small particle size is lower solvent consumption compared to conventional columns.

With the introduction of the TSKgel NH2-100 DC column, the simultaneous separation of an API and its respective counterions can be accomplished in a single isocratic or gradient run when connected to a reversed phase TSKgel column. This amino-alkyl bonded column has the same attributes as the popular TSKgel NH2-100 columns, including 3µm silica particles containing 100 Å pores with a high ligand density and large surface area, and shows high retention for hydrophilic compounds/ions. A male-type outlet endfitting enables the direct connection of the TSKgel NH2-100 DC column to the screw-type endfitting of a TSKgel reversed phase column. This allows the simultaneous separation of an API and its counterion without the loss of column efficiency experienced with the use of two separate columns.


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