Tosoh Bioscience Announces NEW TSKgel High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography Columns

King of Prussia, PA  -  Tosoh Bioscience LLC is proud to announce the introduction of our newest gel permeation chromatography/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) columns, the TSKgel High Temperature (HT) and Ultra-High Temperature (HT2) GPC Columns. The release of these columns is accompanied by the new EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System for polymer analysis up to 220°C.

The TSKgel HT and HT2 columns are recommended for the analysis of organic-soluble polymers and are packed with spherical particles composed of polystyrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene (PS-DVB). The TSKgel HT columns are for high temperature applications up to 140°C, while the TSKgel HT2 columns are used in ultra-high temperature applications up to 220°C. These columns offer superior performance stability under extreme temperature changes.

The new EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System offers an all-in-one temperature controlled System that has a comprehensive temperature range of 40°C to 220°C - ensuring precise and reproducible molar mass determinations. The System comes ready and equipped with a dual flow refractive index (RI) detector resulting in low noise and baseline drift and maximum sensitivity, a spacious column oven that can accommodate up to eight columns, complete temperature control throughout the entire system, an auto sampler with the capacity to hold up to 24 samples, a dedicated sample prep station and advanced safety features - all controlled by proprietary innovative software.

Learn more about these new TSKgel High Temperature GPC Columns and the EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System.


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