Tosoh Bioscience Announces Addition to HILIC Column Line

King of Prussia, PA - Tosoh Bioscience LLC announced today an extension to its highly regarded line of TSKgel Amide-80 hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) columns. TSKgel Amide-80 columns are now available packed with 2 µm spherical silica particles, offering higher resolution and faster analysis with equivalent retention and selectivity as TSKgel Amide-80, 3 µm columns. This allows for smooth method transfer from a 3 µm to a 2 µm column. In addition, TSKgel Amide-80, 2 µm columns retain more hydrophilic compounds than the existing amide columns on the market. These columns are now available for sale to the Americas from Tosoh Bioscience.

TSKgel Amide-80 columns have become the industry standard for the separation of glycans by HILIC. Furthermore, these columns have found ideal applications in the analysis of peptides, oligonucleic acid, and other hydrophilic small molecules.

According to Cara Tomasek, Sr. Marketing Manager, “The smaller particle size of our Amide-80 column is ideally suited for the higher resolution separation of glycans. This 2 µm column shows much higher resolution than the TSKgel Amide-80, 3 µm column for the separation of pyridylaminated oligosaccharides released from mouse IgG. Because of equivalent retention and selectivity, a smooth method transfer from a 3 µm TSKgel Amide-80 column to a 2 µm column is easily accomplished.”


Marketing Communications
Tosoh Bioscience LLC

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