Tosoh Expanding Separation and Purification Media Production with New Manufacturing Facility

Tokyo, Japan—Tosoh Corporation is set to expand its production capacity for separation and purification media by constructing a manufacturing facility at the Yokkaichi Complex, in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.

Separation and purification media are critical elements in the company’s Bioscience Division product lineup because they are essential for producing biopharmaceuticals. The biopharmaceutical market is poised for growth, driven by advances such as nucleic acid and gene therapy drugs and rising demand for established antibody drugs. The new separation and purification media production facility at the Yokkaichi Complex is Tosoh’s response to this growth opportunity

The construction of the new facility at the Yokkaichi Complex not only enhances Tosoh Corporation's manufacturing capacity but also decentralizes the production and storage of separation and purification media. This initiative aligns with the company’s Business Continuity Plan, enhancing Tosoh Corporation's resilience  and ensuring an enlarged, stable, and efficient supply of separation and purification media to meet growing market demands.

Tosoh’s expansion of its separation and purification media production capacity also reaffirms its dedication to advancing its bioscience business by setting the stage for a broadened range of product offerings.

Details of the Production Capacity Expansion



Tosoh Corporation, Yokkaichi Complex

Facility to be built

Separation and purification media production facility

Production capacity

Increase of approximately 20% after the addition of separation and purification media capacity scheduled for completion in July 2024


Approximately ¥14 billion

Construction launch

May 2024

Construction completion (planned)

December 2026

Start of commercial operations (planned)

June 2027


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