Copolymer Analysis

The EcoSEC® GPC System equipped with both RI and UV detectors can be used to determine the structural composition of an unknown copolymer, in which the copolymer contains one UV visible and one non-UV visible component. At least one copolymer of known composition must be available to create a copolymer calibration curve. The final result is a plot of the structural composition at each molar mass. This composition curve overlaid on the chromatogram, as seen in the figure below, can be generated using the EcoSECGPC Workstation Software. The software allows for the creation and use of separate UV and RI specific calibration curves while correcting for the inter detector delay volume.

Copolymer analysis of polystyrene-b-polybutene

Mobile phase:   
Flow rate:   
Injection vol.:   

TSKgel® SuperMultiporeHZ-M, 4 µm, 4.6 mm ID × 15 cm × 2
0.35 mL/min
RI, UV @ 254 nm (EcoSEC® GPC System)
40 °C
10 µL
PS-b-PB, 0.2 wt%