TSKgel® BioAssist DS Columns

TSKgel® BioAssist DS Desalting Columns

TSKgel® BioAssist DS columns are designed for the desalting and buffer exchange of proteins and polynucleotides at semi-preparative scale. Packed with 15 μm polyacrylamide beads in PEEK hardware, TSKgel® BioAssist DS columns show excellent desalting performance.

The novel* hydrophilic highly cross-linked polyacrylamide beads exhibit superior mechanical strength compared with conventional hydrophilic polyacrylamide beads and cross-linked dextran beads. This increase in strength is what allows the use of the small spherical 15 μm beads. TSKgel® BioAssist DS columns can be operated in standard HPLC systems to quickly and efficiently reduce salt and/or buffer concentrations of collected protein or nucleic acid fractions.

*US patent number 7,659,348 

Calibration Curve

The figure shows the calibration curve of a TSKgel® BioAssist DS column for polyethylene glycol standards.


Mobile phase:
Flow rate:
Custom TSKgel® BioAssist DS column,
6 mm ID × 15 cm
distilled H2
0.5 mL/min
ethylene glycol, PEGs


Base Material: Urea cross-linked 
Particle Size (mean): 15 µm  
Pore Size (mean): Excludes 2500 Da PEG                     Visit the TSKgel® BioAssist DS product page.
Particle Porosity: ca. 60%                  
Mechanical Strength: < 4 MPa