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TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20)

TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20) resin is a hydrophobic interaction chromatography resin for biomolecule purification. The resin is composed of a base material of hydroxylated methacrylic polymer beads that have been functionalized with a Phenyl ligand group. TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20) is more hydrophobic than the Ether-5PW resins and is the best choice for the separation of moderately hydrophobic proteins or monoclonal antibodies. This resin has a 100 nm pore size and a 20 µm bead size.

TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20) resin has a high chemical and mechanical stability, allowing cleaning-in-place (CIP) and high flow rates.  TSKgel PW resins vary from Tosoh’s TOYOPEARL resins by having a higher degree of crosslinking which is necessitated by the higher flow pressures needed when using smaller particles for chromatography. The increased level of crosslinking decreases the number of sites available for ligand immobilization when producing TSKgel PW hydrophobic interaction chromatography resins.

A TSKgel PW resin will have a lower dynamic binding capacity than the corresponding TOYOPEARL material however; chromatographic efficiency, peak width, and resolution are improved because of their smaller particle sizes. In this way they are higher performing chromatography resins than their TOYOPEARL counterparts.

TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20) resin is best used for high resolution process polishing steps. If a product with less resolution is needed, the larger particle TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (30) or TOYOPEARL Phenyl-650 resins may be used.

Because similarly functionalized TSKgel PW and TOYOPEARL resin types have the same backbone polymer chemistry, the selectivity for proteins and impurities remains the same.


P/NDescriptionResin VolumeParticle Size (µm)   Price
0043277TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20)25 mL20  524
0014718TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20)250 mL20  3,848
0014719TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20)1 L20  -
0018438TSKgel Phenyl-5PW (20)5 L20  -


Product Attributes

Base bead: 5000PW
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 20 µm 
Ligand type: Phenyl
DBC: 10 - 30 g/L 
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 1-13
Stability data: 10 years




Ether < PPG < Phenyl < Butyl < Hexyl
(least to most)

Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
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PD05 Optimizing Pore Size to Improve Throughput in Downstream Purification of Biological Therapeutic ProductsPerformance Data
RIS0019 TSKgel Phenyl-5PWResin Information Sheet
P/NDescriptionPrice ($) 
0043278TSKgel HICPAK PW, 20 µm 875