Process Media

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F resin is a strong cation exchange resin that exhibits high salt tolerance.  This resin offers the strongest capture of monoclonal antibody (mAb) aggregates over a wide pH range without losing its binding capacity for mAb. With the use of optimized binding conditions, a dynamic binding capacity of > 120 g/L of mAb can be easily achieved with TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F. This high binding capacity translates into lower operating costs per gram of antibody produced.

A TOYOPEARL HW-65F polymeric bead has been functionalized with a sulfate (SO4-) group.  The 100 nm pore size of this resin, along with proprietary bonding technology, makes TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F ideal for applications performed in physiological conditions or for post-protein A removal of aggregates. 


P/NDescriptionResin VolumeParticle Size (µm)   Price
23467TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F100 mL45  567
23468TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F250 mL45  1,063
23469TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F1 L45  -
23470TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F5 L45  -
23471TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F50 L45  -


Product Attributes

Base bead: HW-65
Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 45 µm
Ligand type: strong cation
DBC: >120 g/L
Pressure rating: 0.3 MPa
Shipping buffer: 20% (v/v) ethanol containing 0.2 mol/L sodium acetate
pH stability: 2-13





Aggregate Removal


Resin: TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F
Column size: 6.6 mm ID × 20 cm (6.8 mL)
Mobile phase: A: 0.1 mol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.0
B: mobile phase A + 1 mol/L NaCl
Gradient: 0-50% B, 20 CV
100% B, 5 CV
Flow rate: 300 cm/hr (4 min residence time)
Detection: UV @ 280 nm (mAU),
conductivity (mS/cm)
Temperature: ambient
Injection vol.: 6.8 mL (10 mg/mL-resin load ratio)
Sample: IgG, protein A-purified, aggregated, 10 g/L
Instrument: ÄKTA avant 25

For additional applications, please see our applications database.


Wide Working Range of pH: Flexibility


  • TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F resin works with a wide pH range

High Resolution and High Salt Tolerance


  • Greater resolution between monomer and aggregates

  • Highest salt tolerance versus other Fractogel resin on the market

Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
AN098 Increase Monoclonal Antibody Purity With TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F Resin: a Strong Cation Exchange Resin for Capture and Removal of mAb AggregatesApplication Note
BR10 Best-In-Class Bioprocessing ResinsBrochure
IM02 Instruction Manual for TOYOPEARL and TSKgel PW-type ResinsInstruction Manual
PO45 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650FProduct Overview
RIS0037 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650FResin Information Sheet
TP217 Evaluation of Viral Clearance for Monoclonal Antibody Chromatographic Process StepsTechnical Presentation
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P/NDescriptionPrice ($) 
OC41MDSLFT-650FResin Seeker TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 96-well plate kit317
45228SkillPak Antibody 1 mL column library467
45232SkillPak Best in Class 1 mL column library 414
45266SkillPak Best in Class 5 mL column library1,426
45227SkillPak CEX 1 mL column library334
45229SkillPak mAb Platform 1 mL column library462
45263SkillPak mAb Platform 5 mL column library811
45230SkillPak Salt Tolerant 1 mL column library352
45264SkillPak Salt Tolerant 5 mL column library448
45205SkillPak TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 1 mL columns (qty. 5)270
45241SkillPak TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 5 mL column224
45027ToyoScreen RoboColumns Sulfate-650F, 200 µL251
45028ToyoScreen RoboColumns Sulfate-650F, 600 µL294
23472ToyoScreen Sulfate-650F, 1 mL (qty. 6)-
23473ToyoScreen Sulfate-650F, 5 mL (qty. 6)-