Tosoh Bioscience Introduces TSKgel® UP-SW3000-LS U/HPLC Columns

Superior performance in advanced detection methods such as MALS and MS

King of Prussia, PA - Tosoh Bioscience LLC, a provider of chromatographic solutions for the separation of biomolecules, announced today the introduction of TSKgel UP-SW30000-LS size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns. These columns are the latest addition to the TSKgel UP-SW series and are now available for sale in the Americas from Tosoh Bioscience LLC.

TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns are packed with 2 μm silica-based particles and have a pore size of 25 nm. They resemble the TSKgel UP-SW3000 columns, which are well-established for biotherapeutics analyses. The key feature of the TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns is their outstanding low noise levels when used with advanced detection methods such as multi-angle light scattering (MALS) and mass spectrometry (MS). When these columns are coupled with MALS, the low noise levels yield high signal-to-noise ratios and improve the sensitivity of detection. For mass spectrometry applications, these columns will increase electrospray ionization efficiency and enhance overall MS performance and instrument uptime. TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns are available in 4.6 mm ID with 15 or 30 cm length. The 15 cm column offers a shortened analysis time while the 30 cm column delivers dramatically increased peak parameters such as efficiency, asymmetry, and resolution between monoclonal antibodies’ fragments, monomers, and aggregates. In addition, the TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns demonstrate high reproducibility from injection-to injection and across lot-to-lot and column-to-column. These UHPLC columns can also be operated using optimized HPLC systems, which allows for a smooth method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC.

Tosoh Bioscience is very excited about the introduction of the TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns. For many years, analytical scientists have come to rely on TSKgel SEC columns for their biomolecular analysis. This next generation of columns offers all the first-in-class qualities that users have come to expect from TSKgel columns for protein characterization and quality control. Complementation with MALS or MS detection offers highly sensitive mass analysis of sample components, which is increasingly employed to identify impurities in biotherapeutics. The TSKgel UP-SW3000-LS columns were developed to enable the effortless combination of SEC with MALS or MS while maintaining high separation performance.

Tosoh Bioscience LLC provides liquid chromatography products to laboratories and manufacturing plants in the Americas. While the majority of our customers work in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, our U/HPLC columns and systems are essential tools for sample analysis in most industries. The LenS®3 Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector offers a revolutionary approach for the measurement of molecular weight (MW) and radius of gyration (Rg) of synthetic polymers, polysaccharides, proteins, and biopolymers. Our all-in-one dedicated GPC system, the EcoSEC® GPC System, is predominantly used in the chemical and polymer industries while our EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System is ideal for the polyolefin and oil industries. In the field of biotechnology, our preparative chromatography resins play a critical role in the purification of proteins and nucleic acids for medical purposes.

The company is a subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation in Japan, the parent of the Tosoh Group, which comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of over 13,600 people and generated net sales of ¥732.9 billion (US $6.9 billion at the average rate of ¥106.1 to the US dollar) in fiscal 2021, ended March 31, 2021. Tosoh’s Bioscience Division comprises products and solutions of both separation and purification and of clinical diagnostics serving customers worldwide.


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