High Throughput RP Silica Columns

High Throughput RP Silica Columns

TSKgel® ODS-140HTP columns provide high resolution and short analyses time at moderate pressures, enabling high throughput separations. The polylayer bonding chemistry of the 2.3 µm particle size of these columns results in highly efficient and durable columns.

The lower pressure drop reduces the burden on the hardware, allowing the TSKgel® ODS-140HTP columns to be used with either UHPLC (up to 62 MPa) or conventional HPLC systems.

For use in high throughput applications, including drug discovery, pharmacokinetics and peptide digest separations, TSKgel® ODS-140HTP columns offers excellent peak shape for basic compounds.

Particle Size (mean): 2.3 µm  
Pore Size (mean): 14 nm  
Endcapped: yes                   Visit the TSKgel® ODS-140HTP product page.
pH Range: 2.0 - 7.5          
Functional Group: C18 (polymeric
bonding chemistry)
% Carbon: 8%