Multi Column Chromatography

Octave BIO MCC System

The Octave™ BIO  is the most comprehensive and versatile multi-column chromatography (MCC) system for process development and proof of concept. Leveraging established Octave MCC technology from other industries and tailoring it for bioprocess use cases, these systems are designed to intensify your existing biologic purification process. The unique modular design will fit your requirements and unlock the resin savings, buffer savings, and other tangible benefits that MCC can provide.

• Benchtop system based on rugged, reliable, patented Octave technology
• Specifically designed for bioseparations
• Flow rates ranging from 1 mL/min to 300 mL/min
• Up to eight columns
• Six pumps, six inlets, six outlets
• User-replaceable valve block available in three channel diameters
• Integrated UV, conductivity, and pH sensors (4 of each)
• Gradient capabilities and single column mode with sample injector
• Complete data recording and analysis
• Includes PROComposer™ Method Creator and Method Wizard applications
• Powerful, user-friendly, BIOController™ control system
• Dedicated SkillPak BIO pre-packed columns for MCC applications are available.

The Octave BIO is available in 4 configurations:
0041100 - Octave BIO Benchtop System 12 mL/min
0041101 - Octave BIO Benchtop System 36 mL/min
0041102 - Octave BIO Benchtop System 100 mL/min
0041103 - Octave BIO Benchtop System 300 mL/min


0041101Octave BIO MCC System-
0041103Octave BIO MCC System-
0041100Octave BIO MCC System-
0041102Octave BIO MCC System-



Dimensions (W / D / H) 137 x 51 x 98 cm; bench top
Weight 171 kg
Power requirements 100–120/220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Valve pressure At least 2 bar above process pressure
Flow rate range up to 40 mL/min (1 mm valve block)
up to 100 mL/min (1.6 mm valve block)
up to 300 mL/min (2.4 mm valve block)
Inlets 6
Outlets 6
Columns 1-8
Maximum operating pressure 270 psi (18.6 bar)
UV sensors 4, LED, dual wavelengths
Conductivity sensors 4, range 0-200 mS/cm
pH sensors 4, range pH 0-14
Modes Step, batch, gradient, parallel, SMB
Code #DescriptionLiterature Type
AN134 Protein L Chromatography Process Transfer for the Continuous Purification of Fab-FragmentsApplication Note
AN135 Two-Step Monoclonal Antibody Purification Using a Multi-Column Continuous Chromatography PlatformApplication Note
AN142 Multi-Column Chromatography Implementation and Scale-Up to Clinical Scale with the Octave™ MCC SystemsApplication Note
AN142 Multi-Column Chromatography Implementation and Scale-Up to Clinical Scale with the Octave™ MCC SystemsApplication Note
BR13 Octave™ Multi-Column Chromatography- A holistic solution for process intensificationBrochure
da0083a Octave™ BIO Specification SheetInstrument Specifications
PO51 Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography SolutionProduct Overview
P/NDescriptionPrice ($) 
0041109Octave 100 mL/min pump-
0041107Octave 12 mL/min pump-
0041110Octave 300 mL/min pump-
0041108Octave 36 mL/min pump-
0041104Octave BIO 1 mm valve block-
0041105Octave BIO 1.6 mm valve block-
0041106Octave BIO 2.4 mm valve block-