Protein RP Silica Columns

Protein RP Silica Columns

TSKgel® Protein C4-300 columns are designed for the optimal recovery and resolution of proteins such as recombinant proteins, antibody fragments or PEGylated proteins. A particle size of 3 µm and optimized ligand density and alkyl length result in better protein and peptide resolution compared to other leading RP-C4 HPLC phases. The large 30 nm pore size allows macromolecules to enter the interior of the pore, providing higher peak capacities than RP columns with 10 nm pore size.

TSKgel® TMS-250 columns contain a unique C1 bonded phase. The packing is prepared by monomeric binding of trimethyl silyl groups to a 25 nm pore size spherical silica. Due to the low hydrophobicity of the ligand, excellent recoveries are common even when used with large proteins. Proteins such as adolase (158 kDa) exhibit sharp peaks relative to wide pore C18 columns.

Particle Size (mean): µm   
Pore Size (mean): 30 nm  
Endcapped: yes - 
                  Visit the TSKgel® Protein C4-300 product page.
pH Range: 1.5 - 7.5          
Ligand: C4 (butyl)
% Carbon: 3%
Specific Surface
Area (m2/g):

Particle Size (mean): 10 µm  
Pore Size (mean): 25 nm  
Exclusion Limit: 200,000 Da                   Visit the TSKgel® TMS-250 product page.
Endcapped: yes           
pH Range: 2.0 - 7.5
Functional Group: C1 (monomeric
bonding chemistry)
% Carbon: 5%