Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography Solution

Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography Solution 

Multi-column chromatography is a liquid chromatographic technique used to purify solutions via a cyclic usage of multiple columns. It is an cost-effective alternative to existing purification methods operated in batch mode.

The Octave® MCC platform is designed to purify biomolecules, e.g. antibody-typed pharmaceuticals, proteins and peptides with outstanding productivity. In close cooperation with its customers, Tosoh designed a platform that combines the method flexibility needed for tech-transfer and the versatile monitoring and reliable performance need for process control and safety. The operator is guided by an easy-to-use software package to design, define, and execute a multi-column chromatography process.

Our benchtop instrument, the Octave BIO is the perfect MCC method development tool. Its versatile design simplifies both the transition from batch to multicolumn chromatography and the process transfer to manufacturing.

Octave Bio Instrument


When moving along to biomanufacturing in a regulated environment our Octave PRO sets a new standard for downstream bioprocessing with its single-use flow path design and compact footprint.



To support this transition from the development to the production phase our customers benefit from seamless up-scaling with our SkillPak pre-packed columns, for reliable and economic biomolecule purification, with dimensions specifically designed to accommodate the faster flowrates of MCC.

Furthermore, our ProComposer Software generates MCC methods that can be uploaded onto the Octave BIO and the Octave PRO providing a seamless method transfer between MCC development and manufactuing instrumentation.

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